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Engine Oil Analysis - Can you afford to spend thousands on an engine rebuild?

As we learned in the last blog, using ProOne Fuel Maximizer in your Preventive Maintenance Program is not just good practice, it’s good business sense! The lost revenue combined with the additional cost of towing and repair can be enough to ruin a trucking business’ profitability.

Remember that Preventive Maintenance:

  • Lowers overall operating costs (Thousands $$$)

  • Proactively maintains your equipment in better running condition to prevent failure and breakdown

Let’s continue keeping the engine in proper working order. Is there a way to visually inspect the condition of your internal engine components without tearing the engine open and visually inspecting every single one? Why yes there is. It’s called an Oil Analysis.

Benefits of Oil Analysis

An Oil Analysis is just like going the doctor and getting blood-work done. Your doctor looks at the results and determines whether you’re healthy or suggest areas you may need to improve on. Same thing with your engine. An Oil Analysis is your first line of defense in:

  1. Identifying potential problems before a major repair is needed

  2. Providing diagnoses of suspected engine problems

  3. Reducing the frequency of oil changes and increasing engine life

Today’s motors oils are formulated better than in the past, but they still have the same limitations that cause their early demise.

1. Heat

2. Contamination

3. Negligence

Not so Fun Fact: When conventional motor oil gets hot the degradation starts. At 200°F the lubrication capability of the motor oil greatly diminishes. The hottest area is near the combustion chamber which can reach temperatures 1000°F. Motor is exposed to those areas.

Wear in an engine is common. However abnormal levels of component wear is what we’re looking for. We’re also looking for contaminants, fuel dilution, dirt, antifreeze and other potential problems.

How Do You Read An Oil Analysis?

There’s a lot of information to process in an oil analysis test. However, we will focus on the main fundamentals, what to look out for, how our ProOne Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer will dramatically help reduce wear, and solve other problems. By the way, this particular equipment was also using ProOne Fuel Maximizer, so we will see how it also contributed to solving a major problem with this engine.

Note: The "Test # and Notification" chronological event start at the bottom and moves up. As you can see it says "Action Required" which show there was impending problem based on the results of the first test.

Wear Metals - Metal fragments suspended in oil create a "sandpaper" effect causing abrasion and wear.

Which metals are measured and what are they on?

1. Iron: comes from Cylinders, Gears, Rings, Crankshafts, Liners, Bearings, Housings, and Rust.

2. Chromium: comes from Rings,

Roller/Taper Bearing, Rods, and Platings.

3. Lead: comes from Bearing Overlays, Additive in gear oil and gasoline.

4. Copper: comes from Bushings, Bearings, Thrust-Washers, Friction Plates, Oil Cooler, and Additives in oil.

5. Tin: comes from Bearings, Bushings, Pistons, and Platings.

6. Aluminum: comes from Pistons, Bearings, Pumps, Blowers, Rotors, and Thrust-Washers.

7. Nickel: comes from Valves.

8. Silver: comes from Bearings, Bushings, and Platings.

Did ProOne help this engine?

As you will observe, performing an oil analysis is worth the time. Had this engine ran any longer without one, it would've developed more costly problems.

You will also observe that upon noticing these issues, the decision to add ProOne Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer paid off. Copper, Iron, and Aluminum were dramatically reduced.

In addition, the use of the Fuel Maximizer reduced SOOT from 317 ct/m to 73ct/ml. ProOne brought the threat level from RED down to YELLOW in one oil change.

Do you know the condition of YOUR equipment?

If you have a diesel truck fleet and would like a FREE laboratory oil analysis , lets us know! We will provide a step by step comprehensive analysis of your engine at no cost. The results will allow us to create a custom PM Maintenance Program for your equipment to keep it running STRONG & PROTECTED.

Contact me at for more information.



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