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Carbon - The Diesel Engine Killer/ Profit Thief

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

There is a problem with pump doesn’t burn all the way! It is the most notorious culprit that robs your engine and steals your money. This incomplete burn leaves carbon build-up that causes:

  • Poor Engine Performance - Use More Fuel ($)

  • Thousands in Part Replacement - Carbon Clogging Moving Components ($)

  • Breakdowns - Losing Hundreds or Thousands Per Day ($)

  • Downtime - Loss of Time on the Road ($)

If fuel burned clean you wouldn't need so many tune up's and parts replacements. It haunts truck owners and fleet operators because they hope the fuel and SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) systems help them save fuel and prevent problems associated with carbon. But the reality is that it doesn't, these problems continue to cost them thousands a year.

So Why Doesn't it Burn All the Way?

You need three things to create combustion. Fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source (spark).

When the piston comes up on the compression stroke, heat builds up in the chamber and creates the ignition. A flame is produced and its propagation (flame wave) duration depends on the correct stoichiometry (the ideal ratio of air to fuel that burns all fuel) to burn complete. However, that fuel particulate is tightly packed and unfortunately the oxygen can't get in to complete the reaction and burn it, resulting in an unburned hydrocarbon.

So What Can Be Done About It? How Do You Make Fuel Burn More Efficiently?

Better injectors? No. Add a turbo? No. Another retro-fit? Sadly No. You address this at the source...the fuel itself.

By simply breaking apart large particulates you accelerate the flame propagation thus creating a more complete burn. This is what ProOne's Fuel Maximizer does.

This results in:

  • Less Carbon

  • Less Soot

  • Less Harmful Emissions

How much money can you save now that your fuel is burning more efficiently? We'll cover that next week. Stay tuned.

To learn more on the additional benefits of ProOne Fuel Maximizer click the link below.



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