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Do You Need Additives?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

If you ask the skeptical mechanic, car aficionado, & end-user, they will ALWAYS tell you “no! you don’t need additives because they don’t work. As long as you change your oil when you’re supposed to, the life of your engine can reach 500,000 to 1,000,000 miles so save your money.”

Pretty powerful argument but is it 100% correct? Probably! Most of engine additives simply don’t work. The end-user wants to see a return on their investment and additive companies haven’t done a good job in quantifying your investment or proving there will be a measurable advantage in protection and longevity.

Products are still using old friction reducing agents like Zinc, Moly, and PTFE with little to no results, and if they’re expecting an extra 200 horsepower and completing a quarter-mile in less than 7 seconds while extending their oil change to 50,000 miles, well I’m sorry, that’s just not how it works.

Let’s Ask the Heavy Hitters of the Industry

Whether it’s downhole drilling, manufacturing, or owning your own truck or fleet, the cost of equipment failure and downtime is astronomical. Which means they need every advantage necessary to pay bills, make payroll, and generally stay in business especially during these difficult times. There are family livelihoods at stake, and they can’t afford something that does not work.

A major operator in Canadian, Texas maxed out their torque on a well and were in danger of not reaching the total depth of that hole which would have resulted in millions lost. After adding our XPL+

Technology the torque was reduced by 37%, the hole was finished and in they addition saved $300,000.

The company man said:

“We would not have been able to complete this well without ProOne.”

A fleet manager to major construction company reported seeing 50 to 80% reduction in wear metals on their fleet engines using the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer.

One day a clutch fan failed on one of their company trucks and was driven 30 miles back to their hub. The engine was cooked but because of the oil stabilizer the engine was salvageable, and they saved over $8,000.

The fleet manager said:

“I have been a professional fleet manager since 1980 and these ProOne products work.”

There are many more stories like this. The problem is that most additives in the market have never been used in situations like these because they wouldn’t be able to perform, and their manufacturers know it. This is why they’re not used in those applications, but we are.

ProOne has been tested, proven, and trusted by large companies all over the world. So, the real question isn’t “do you need to use ProOne?” It’s “can you afford not to?”



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