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ProOne Announces New Valve Grease-Sealant

FULLERTON, California July 8, 2021 – ProOne is pleased to announce the launch of ProOne HP-3 Valve Sealant, the next evolution in grease technology for valves used in hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas wells and applications where water and chemical resistance is critical.


Already successfully tested in the Marcellus oilfield, the product is second to none in applications where at least 15,000 psi hydrostatic pressure is required and where water, chemicals and especially sour gas (hydrogen sulfide, or H2S), high viscosity friction reducers (HVFR’s) and hydrocarbons are the main degradation factors for greases and sealants.


Similar to the way ProOne’s XPL+ technology bonds to metal surfaces, HP-3 Valve Sealant provides superior resistance to protect valves from leaking and insulate internal components to prolong the life of gates and seats under extreme low and high temperatures. This layer of extreme protection withstands chemical erosion and water wash off to extend greasing intervals which, in turn, reduces consumable grease, downtime and labor costs.


“The development and launch of ProOne’s new HP-3 Valve Sealant is a continuation of our ongoing strategy diversify our product line to include game-changing products which use ProOne’s unique technology to provide customers whose equipment is exposed to extreme conditions with cost-saving and problem-solving solutions,” said Lawrence Kahn, CEO for ProOne.



About ProOne:

Based in Orange County, California, ProOne, Inc. has developed lubrication technology that can be demonstrated to be over 50 times greater film strength than conventional lubricants. The product line includes oils and greases for industrial, commercial, and oil & gas applications. ProOne Drilling Fluid Treatments which has been used over the past 8 years in over 1,500 wells to reduce torque and drag by as much as 50% and increase rate of penetration in lateral wells, yet are plant-based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. For additional information on ProOne visit and


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ProOne, Inc.: Lawrence Kahn, CEO +1 (714) 327-0262 Email:

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