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ProOne Attends the Permian Basin International Show 2018

This year (Oct 16-18) ProOne will attend the Permian Basin International Oil Show.  Over seventy percent of all energy that is delivered by a drilling rig and its surface and downhole equipment to a drill well is lost through friction.


Torque, drag, hook load affect operational efficiencies, hindering performance from the drill bit, all the way up the drill string to the mechanical surface equipment, and we all know that if left unmitigated can bring the drilling process to a halt causing hundreds of thousands if not millions in cost.

ProOne has answered the call with a line of advanced drilling lubricants that turn any mud into a super mud. The real tests are in the field, and after 700 wells and a minimum of $300,000 in initial savings, ProOne is proving daily that this much power is no longer theoretical, and you can no longer say “lube is lube.

It’s the innovative cost-saving solution to rig efficiency. Lubrication Technology has finally caught up with the oil & gas drilling industry and is sowing seeds for the next boom. Operators now have the advantage of using what many call “the best secret in the world” in oil drilling.

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