What is XPL+ Technology?

ProOne’s XPL+ Xtreme Pressure Lubrication technology is the core for ProOne’s line of high performance lubricants. XPL+ has a strong ionic (+) charge so it bonds to metal giving it extreme pressure performance and protection.
XPL+ is vegetable-based, stable, non-corrosive, non-reportable and environmentally friendly!



On a bench cross axis friction machine test, bearings are subjected to pressure from a spinning race. Using a leading downhole drilling fluid without XPL+, the bearing sustains severe damage at only 4,000 pounds per square inch of pressure. With ProOne’s exclusive XPL+technology, there is minimal damage at 200,000 per square inch of pressure…over 50 times the pressure!


Charge - +
Bonding/flowing Flowing Bonding
Reaction to heat & pressure Migrates away Migrates towards
Film strength Limited Extraordinary
Environmentally friendly No Yes